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The majority of our teaching jobs in big cities offer 9,000 to 22,000 RMB per month ($1,500 to $3,500), depending on the location, teaching experience, and qualifications. We also offer housing allowance.The average monthly salary for Chinese locals in Beijing and Shanghai is 8,000 RMB, and 3000~6000 RMB for small and medium-sized cities.

Private Language Academies/Schools

Different from both international schools and public schools are the ever-growing private ELL companies that compete with each other for profits and are usually always hiring new English teachers.

Private ESL schools tend to pay more than public schools; however, you will also work more hours. You will teach smaller classes from about 5-20 students, mainly in the evenings and on the weekend. These ESL companies are for-profit and will put a lot of pressure on teachers to make the paying parents happy. Working for an ESL school is the easiest way to get a job teaching English in China, and most companies have many options from China’s largest cities, to smaller, less cosmopolitan areas.

Public Schools

Public schools may pay less than private language academies, but teachers also work fewer hours and have longer and more frequent holidays. Most teachers will live on campus or in an apartment near the school, eat lunch in the school cafeteria and involve themselves in school events like talent shows and sports day. Class sizes will be much larger, reaching up to fifty students per class. Most schools will hire foreign teachers as a supplemental oral English teacher, so you may teach a large percentage of the school very infrequently. You will also have to create your own lesson plans, and may be given a lot of leeway in topics and teaching methods.


Teaching kindergarten in China is similar to teaching kindergarten across many of the Asian countries. It’s far more active and free than teaching older children (as you might expect). Dancing, singing and games are most of the lessons with the focus on keeping the kids engaged.

These positions tend to have fewer hours outside of teaching, because the lessons need less preparation and often less hours in general because of the age of the children. The fewer hours tends to lead to a lower salary.

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