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Whether you just have a few hours to spare, or have come to China to explore or work, we can help you create the Chinese learning experience you want. With a range of choices available, from the level of language proficiency through to when you are available to study, we will tailor a package perfect for you.

Chinese classes are usually separated into three main categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Within in these groups, for example, the beginner level might be broken down into two further subgroups: an absolute beginner group for those who’ve never been exposed to Chinese before and a higher beginner group for those who’ve previously learned some basic Chinese but who are still not confident enough to speak Chinese.

Your learning experience can be tailored to helping you with Business Chinese, day-to-day Chinese or preparing you for HSK test examinations. There are generally three levels of study. However, these are flexible depending on your skill level and goals.

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